Ajax is our little warrior...our little miracle man.  
He was one of 3 puppies and the only survivor.  His other two brothers were not viable.  Ajax was
very tiny and was born without ears.  He could not master suckling on Kiss' teat and she was not
producing milk.  We tried every nipple and bottle until we figured out how to get some formula in his
tummy.  At times we fed him one drop at a time.  Ajax was a fighter and he stole our hearts with his
spirit to live.  He opened his eyes and when he started to stand and walk he went in circles.  He
persevered and grew slowly but steadily.  At three weeks we were able to introduce swollen kibble to
him.  I would place one piece on his tongue and he would nom nom nom and swallow it. We soaked
the kibble in formula and counted the pieces he was able to eat.  He was a sweet darling and weeks
passed.  At six weeks we were able to get a CT scan of his head.  This showed that he did not have
any inner ear parts and this would cause balance issues for sure.
We also found out that he could not blink his right eye or use the right side
of his mouth/jaw.  He was missing his facial nerve on the right side and so
had paralysis on right side of face.  He   walked like a drunken sailor for
quite a while but he kept trying and he mastered walking and then running!  
Through all of his efforts he was joyful and happy at all times.
AJAX is now turning two! He is a silly boy and
absolutely loves life!  He has learned many hand
signals and communicates with us well.  He has
boundless enthusiasm, loves to play with toys, and
explore the big yard.  He has a few very "favorite"
people, but he is jolly and friendly to all.
His paralysis causes him to drool on one side and
he snores like a MACK TRUCK!  He breathes like
a furnace and pants a lot but none of that
bothers him!! hahaha

AJAX is a blessing and probably the most
endearing trait has been his patience with the
wee puppies.  His big buddy Judge was always
called our puppy Nanny. Judge was awesome and
patient with the little sassy puppies.  We lost
Judge just before our Liquor litter was born.  
Much to our surprise, AJAX filled Uncle Judge's
shoes with the puppies.  It brought us great joy to
see him take on that role.