Our sweet and lovable Sadie!  
Sadie came to live with us when
she was about 4 1/2 months old.  
She was, without a doubt,
heaven sent.  She was patient
with the girls and a constant
source of fun for all of us!
Sadie went to dog school and
learned quickly.  Katie taught
her many tricks and she was
always happy and ready to play!
Such a good girl and always
mellow and content to just be
part of the family.
Words cannot begin to describe
our Sadie.
She is special and one-of-a-kind!!
Pascal always said that Sadie
was the kind of dog that
makes you want to get
another one.   She made
owning a dog so easy and you
felt like...why not get another!
Eventually that is the
thought process that led us
to buy our Sophie!!  Well,
Sophie was not mellow like
our Sadie!  Sadie seemed a bit
shocked at the arrival of our
8 week old Bernese Mountain
dog.  She just kept walking
away from Sophie when she
pestered her.  When Sophie
got old enough, then Sadie
played with her and they were
good buddies.
Sadie rocked in all of her obedience classes.  She made us proud
in agility as well, even though she did it all at her own pace!!  
Sadie is loved by everyone who meets her.  Her calm and sweet
demeanor have won hearts of many "non dog people".  Sadie
finally learned to swim when she was five and she absolutely loves
it.  It is such a pleasure to watch her in the water!  Sadie will be
nine on her next birthday.  She is slowing down a bit and seems to
like snoozing most of all these days.  She snores like a bear and
has been known to use selective hearing.  We treasure her and
know that there will never be another dog like Sadie!!