Chalet Bernese
We are Patty and Pascal Gartmann.  We live in SW
Ohio with our dogs,  Our children are grown and
married now.  Pascal was born and raised in
Switzerland and always wanted to own a Bernese
Mountain Dog.  Katie and Leesa were also born in
Switzerland as we lived there for about five years
before moving to Ohio.  Pascal's life-long dream of
owning a Berner was fulfilled when we brought
Sophie home!! We have been in love with this breed
ever since.  Ava brought us into the world of
showing/conformation.  We are active in several
Bernese Mountain Dog Clubs, training obedience,
conformation and drafting.
All of our Bernese Mountain Dogs are raised in our home.  They are
members of our family and loved and cherished as such.  They do not live
in a kennel environment.  We have only a small number of Berners so
that they will receive the proper attention, exercise, love and vet care
that they deserve. :-)   We are very passionate about our dogs and as
breeders we strive to only bring healthy, happy, well-balanced puppies
into this world.  All litters/pedigrees are carefully researched.  We breed
on occasion and only when we are ready to take on and properly care for
a litter in our home.  We are very selective when it comes to placing our
pups.  It is our goal to match family lifestyles to personalities of puppies.