Chalet Bernese
"JUDGE"    AKC Reg#WS24642203
DOB: 01-10-08
sire: CH Villairns Callaway
dam: CH Enchant's Wicked Little Secret
Judge is from the same litter as Ava.  He came to live with us when he was six months
old.  Unfortunately, he had an undescended testicle and had to be neutered at five
months.  This meant he could not be a show dog and his breeder wanted to place him.  
Well, Judge's loss was our gain!  He fit in right away with our three girls, Sadie, Sophie
and Ava.  He was already a big boy at six months, but he grew and grew!!  He is an
extremely handsome Berner with a thick and woolly coat.  He has a gorgeous head and big
feet and lots of bone.  His gait is just majestic and his tail is carried like a true
champion!!  Judge is a champion to us and he is loved like a King!
As big as Judge is, he has a very gentle and soft soul.  He was very shy around new
people. In dog school he looked like an overgrown Aussie as his tail was so far tucked it
looked like it had been docked!  We worked hard with our Judge to get him to come out
of his shell.  By the third week of school he had a tail and by week six it was actually
wagging at school!!  He came to all the dog shows with us and adjusted to the
commotion and constant flow of people.  Our friends and family were very cooperative
when visiting to give Judge his space and allow him to come up on his own terms.  He is
still cautious with new people but needs less and less time to warm up.  We are very
proud of his progress.
Judge is an awesome dog!  He completed three levels of obedience training and one
level of agility and also Rally classes.  He earned his CGC with honors!!  He is a silly
and jolly boy at heart.  He loves to run and play with his doggie siblings and really
stretch his legs in the field behind our home.  
Once you have been "accepted", Judge is
your buddy for life!
 Getting a cuddle session with Judge fills your heart with joy, and
he enjoys it, too!!